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July 4th, 2011

Courier Tracking Software

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Let your customers track their packages online directly from your company website with “Live Courier v3.5” dispatch – tracking software. Update your tracking data instantly anywhere you are. Live courier tracking software is web based. We support all platforms and devices. From windows desktops to Linux workstations, iphones to android devices Live courier tracking software fully integrates with your environment.

Self Tracking Update:

Scan your packages at each hub you have from arrival scan at your warehouse to delivery scan at receivers door with hand held devices and/or with smart phones. Live courier tracking software supports them all.

Third Party Tracking:

You can link your packages with third party couriers such as FedEx, Ups, Dhl, Tnt. Once you make forwarding scan and update third party couriers tracking number into Live Courier Software, all your tracking information will be automatically updated by Live Courier Tracking Software. Your clients can browse to your website and see latest tracking information under your tracking page. You can also replace third party couriers name with your company name.

Direct Tracking:

If you print your third party labels directly within Live Courier Dispatch software (ie: DHL, FedEx, Ups, TNT Labels) and/or your clients prints third party labels from your website (Live courier website module) Live courier tracking software automatically tracks packages from corresponding couriers server and updates your system – website. You do not need to update forwarding number and/orĀ  tracking status manually.

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