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June 26th, 2011

DHL UPS FedEX Tracking With Manual Scan

Hints & Tips, by admin.

tracking with fedex

Tracking with Major Couriers

If you DID NOT generate DHL, FedEx, UPS labels within Live Courier Software:

Fallow these steps to track DHL, FedEx and UPS packages automatically with Live Courier Software :

Go to warehouse scan module
Select forwarding scan
Scan your waybill and scan DHL, UPS or FedEx Label
Shipments’ reference number will be updated

After scanning process Live Courier Software automatically tracks packages through DHL, UPS or FedEx servers, updates your system.

NOTE: If you generate your label within our software,  system will automatically track your shipments from DHL, UPS or FedEX

Your customers can view tracking details from your web portal, and/or receive notification emails every time tracking details updated.

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