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January 23rd, 2013

Notification Emails During Package Scan

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Automated Emails During Scan

With email notification update Live Courier can  send automated notification emails to your clients during package scan. You can either select to send status updates from operations-> scan interface on the fly or you can mark the shipment to receive  notification emails during entry to the system. Also you can enable client module so your customers can mark specific shipments to receive email alerts.

July 4th, 2011

Courier Tracking Software

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Let your customers track their packages online directly from your company website with “Live Courier v3.5” dispatch – tracking software. Update your tracking data instantly anywhere you are. Live courier tracking software is web based. We support all platforms and devices. From windows desktops to Linux workstations, iphones to android devices Live courier tracking software fully integrates with your environment.

Self Tracking Update:

Scan your packages at each hub you have from arrival scan at your warehouse to delivery scan at receivers door with hand held devices and/or with smart phones. Live courier tracking software supports them all.

Third Party Tracking:

You can link your packages with third party couriers such as FedEx, Ups, Dhl, Tnt. Once you make forwarding scan and update third party couriers tracking number into Live Courier Software, all your tracking information will be automatically updated by Live Courier Tracking Software. Your clients can browse to your website and see latest tracking information under your tracking page. You can also replace third party couriers name with your company name.

Direct Tracking:

If you print your third party labels directly within Live Courier Dispatch software (ie: DHL, FedEx, Ups, TNT Labels) and/or your clients prints third party labels from your website (Live courier website module) Live courier tracking software automatically tracks packages from corresponding couriers server and updates your system – website. You do not need to update forwarding number and/or  tracking status manually.

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Live Courier v3.5 Full Feature List

July 4th, 2011

Automate Shipping Orders with Live Courier Dispatch Software

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One of the biggest aspect of today’s courier companies to operate more efficiently is a software which can automate all required tasks. Courier companies typically promote their services based on what their software allows them to do for their clients and customers. For this reason as a courier company owner or purchasing manager you should learn some of the advanced features of the dispatching software that you are interested before purchasing or registering .

Before you go any further first thing you should consider about you new software is ability to be automated. There are a few things that come as a result; reduction in mistakes as well as time saved. Both of these combined means more money is saved on both parts. Automation is essential and a huge benefit and that is why you should consider looking into Live Courier v3.5 at first place.

Ordering and printing waybills is simplified with Live Courier Dispatching software and this means placing orders and printing waybills online from your website. Scheduling pickups automatically as your client print labels. Push notifications and email notifications makes it easier for your operation department to fallow up. Live Courier v3.5 informs drivers that is closest to your client therefore your item is picked up and delivered in a timely manner.

With warehouse scan module your clients will be notified automatically as their packages arrive and/or leave your warehouse. Live courier dispatching software is fully integrated with UPS World Ship, FedEx Ship Manager, DHL Corporate Ship. You can import and export to/from these major softwares.

Live courier also implemented FedEx, UPS and DHL shipping APIs’ what this means for your company is;

You can print FedEx Labels, UPS Labels, DHL Labels directly from Live Courier software and from your website. Your clients can prepare their shipments from your website and prints proper courier waybill as well as you companies customized waybill. This module eliminates importing and exporting step to/from UPS World Ship, FedEx Ship Manager, DHL Corporate Ship.

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Live Courier v3.5 is “Pay As You Go” system. You only pay what you use. Save time & money.

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Live Courier v3.5 full feature list

July 4th, 2011

Air Freight Container Scan

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Air freight container scan

Air freight container Scan

Live Courier Software v3.5 includes air freight module that lets you create containers with custom weight and/or select from the predefined containers (such as (LD3, LD7 etc…) Once you create you container type you can start scanning your shipments and load to the container as they arrive to your warehouse. When container is full Live Courier gives notification message declaring your container is full and ready to ship. After your container is full you can close the container and print your drop sheet / manifest. Air freight business easier than ever before with Live Courier Shipping / dispatching software.

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June 27th, 2011

Scheduled Pickups Signature Capture

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Signature Capture

Signature Capture Module

Live Courier Software lets you easily manage scheduled pick ups. When a customer schedules a pick up from your web portal:

Operation department, Messengers receive a notification email and sms message
Pick up automatically appears on your software’s’ calendar view.
Notification message pops up on your software’s screen
After messenger picks up the package he/she can scan the label and change the status of the package from pending to picked up.

Automatic schedule creation available when a new shipment created. Hand held device module lets you capture signature on delivery of the package. Receiver signature appears on your web portal after package is delivered.

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June 26th, 2011

Courier Tariffs and Custom Rates

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Live Courier Shipping / Dispatching Software includes two types of rating system:

  • Based on tariffs
  • Based on custom rates

Pricing / Rating based on Tariffs :

With Live Courier Shipping / Dispatching Software you have the ability give percentage discounts from your list prices and/or add up to your cost prices. For individual customers apply customized transportation charges (rates), customized fuel surcharge rates . Give discounts based on your custom zone structure. Or use build in US, Canada zoning system same as DHL, UPS, FedEX.

Charge your waybills automatically with a single click.

Pricing  / Rating based on custom Rates :

You can apply custom step up rates and/or flat rates based on service type (inbound, outbound, domestic or third country such as from india to united kingdom)  and / or destination country, origin country and so on.

Shipment rating system never been this flexible for couriers ever before. Import your rates from csv files or let Live Courier generate it for you.
Get on-line quotations from DHL, FedEx, UPS based on your shipments & discounts.

How ever you want to work Live Courier Shipping / Dispatching software always there for your company.

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June 26th, 2011

United Kingdom Dispatching Courier Software

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Live Courier Servers

Live Courier Application Servers

New application servers added to our mainframe server cloud for Live Courier Shipping / Dispatching Software United Kingdom /  Europe Clients. Apart from our United States, Canada, China  and India application servers, new servers will only support United Kingdom and Europe  “Live Courier Web Based Shipping / Dispatching Software” clients.

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